Controversy trails Angolas hefty spend on military

Angola poverty

Angola poverty

from PEDRO AGOSTO in Luanda, AngolaLUANDA, (CAJ News) FOR a country that has been at peace for 16 years since the end of the civil war, struggling to

Angola military

service its debts as well as addressing rampant poverty, it is ironic that Angola is on the top of Africa’s list for spending on military expenditure.

Adding controversy to this apparent misplaced priority is the

Angola Air Force

participation of some controversial international companies in bids to strengthen the countrys navy.

A storm has been


swirling around the Middle East-based Privinvest, which in 2016 announced a shipbuilding and maritime economy programme with Angola, a scheme that would culminate in Privinvest providing a range of vessels for the Angolan Navy.

It is among companies fingered in the debt scandal that left Mozambiques economy on its knees having accrued a debt of over US$2 billion.

Privinvest had signed contracts to supply ships to Mozambique but the vessels were never delivered.

The company has recently been snubbed in Nigeria where it lured government with a $2 billion investment proposal to assume control over a derelict shipyard from the Nigerian navy and refurbish it.

President Joao Lourenco, was defense minister when the agreement with Privinvest was signed.

His (Lourencos) plans to expand the military budget should sound some alarm bells, analyst Miguel Sanz said.

He rejected governments position that the expansive budget on military was to fight piracy as Angola lo....

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